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The dazzling collections created by Musi Furs have earned recognition and appreciation worldwide for this Canadian designer and manufacturer of luxury fur garments and accessories. While the Canadian fur industry goes back as far as 1600s and represents part of our heritage and one of the oldest trades in Canada, Musi Furs pushes the boundaries of fur fashion today, extending playfulness and sophistication to its customers worldwide.


Musi Furs produces the best quality fur apparel and accessories handcrafted by Canadian master furriers. Musi’s fresh and exciting designs demonstrate the unique vision of the head designer George Musi and his brothers Nicola and Musa. Musi views fur not only as functional fashion but as a medium for artistic expression in the collections that earn recognition and appreciation worldwide year after year. These handcrafted products made of sheared beaver, fox, chinchilla and mink, and dyed in a myriad of colors, offer elegant and cutting-edge fur fashion designs.

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